How to Use Criticism to Improve Your Virtual Assistant Business

The following is a guest post by my mentor, Kathy Goughenour.  Read Kathy’s bio at the end of this article. As you continue to develop your virtual assistant business, no matter how fabulous your service is, you’ll run in to criticism from clients. Here are five tips to help you use criticism to improve your […]

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4 Ways to Get Organized and Stay That Way

  As a busy entrepreneur it isn’t easy to accomplish it all during the work day. Necessary administrative tasks can become huge time wasters preventing you from getting organized. Below are four ways to create additional time during your busy day to get organized (click to tweet): Before quitting for the day get prepared for […]

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Promoting Your eBook

  Guest Post by Mark Louis Rybczyk (a/k/a Hawkeye), Author of The Travis Club It’s a brave new world of publishing. The advent of eBooks gives us the opportunity to skip the publisher, sell our book for less and make more per book in royalties. But it also leaves us the responsibility to be our […]

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What is an Author’s Assistant?

  Guest post by Lorraine Castle, Castle Virtual Solutions An author’s assistant can ease the pain in the life of a writer. You’ve already done the most difficult part. Your book has been written. So, what are your next steps? This is where an author’s assistant can help. An author’s assistant can help you edit, […]

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Why Should You Hire Me as a Virtual Assistant?

Why wouldn’t you?  I am a virtual assistant.  I am an independent contractor, probably just like you.  The difference is I am here to help you help yourself.  You ask, “how can you help me help myself?”  The answer is this:  I can help save you time and money.  The time I save you by […]

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A Virtual Assistant Equals Happy Holidays

You’ve no doubt heard the saying that it’s better to give than to receive, right?  Studies have shown spending money on someone else, rather than on you, results in extra happiness for you.  When giving to others, the brain responds the same way it responds to money, sex and chocolate!  Do I have your attention […]

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5 Tips for Leveraging your Time on Social Media

Social media offers small businesses and solopreneurs networking opportunities by getting their name out to the specific target market.  These networking opportunities spotlight your business by getting your brand out to thousands of people.  But where do you find the time to manage your social media?  Don’t let the fear of wasting time on LinkedIn, […]

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By now you have updated your Facebook business page with a new cover photo, profile image and About Section.  A business page is very important and it is public so you want to use it to sell, promote and engage.  You should post frequently to engage visitors and pique their interest enough to hang around […]

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Dazzling Profile Picture and Outstanding About Section

So, you’ve updated your Facebook business page and you’ve created an eye-catching cover photo, but have you given any thought to your profile picture and your About Section?  Below are a few tips to create your profile photo and your About Section: Profile Picture In the lower left of the Timeline cover is your profile […]

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Create an Eye-Catching Cover Photo for Your Facebook Business Page

By now your Facebook business page has been updated to the new timeline format.  In case you haven’t done much more than accept the new timeline format, here are some tips to help you create a fabulous cover photo: Cover Photo The cover photo is generous in size weighing in at 851 x 315 pixels […]

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