6 Great Social Media Tips

There are thousands of people online connecting with friends and family every day through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the other social media platforms.  These are excellent tools to help you re-connect with your old high school friends, stay in touch with current friends and stay in the know with your family.  It can even help you market and brand your business.

If you are using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as marketing resources, don’t clutter your accounts with information about where you went to lunch.  Use your accounts as an opportunity to market and brand your business.  Consider these tips: 

  1. BlogA Blog is the central command center for your content, a secondary website for your business.  Blogs are the new newspaper.  Create a blog from an article or release you’ve already written.  Post it on your website.  Post a blog at least 4 times a month.  The search engines like it when you post new blogs. 
  2. Consistency.  You need consistency to engage with your fans and followers.  You need to be ever-present to build and earn loyalty.  You wouldn’t have many friends if you didn’t communicate with them on a regular basis, and the same is true for business fans and followers.
  3. Share.  Create conversation and contribute regularly.  Spotlight issues that are inspiring to you and create engagement.  For instance, you can get people talking by writing controversial content.  People will engage and share.  Create a contest or offer something free for everyone that “likes” your page or “follows” you. 
  4. Content.  Use status updates to provide valuable information.  Teach something.  Share something.  For instance, with the always-changing Facebook, post tips in your status update on how to use the new Facebook Timeline, or whatever is next.  Update your content regularly and leverage across several media types. 
  5. Multimedia.  People love to look at pictures and videos.  Photos and videos add interest to your page.  YouTube announced that “over 60 hours of video is viewed every single hour.”  Keep your videos short and to the point.  If possible, use a professional to make the video.  Insert videos on your website and your pages. Post 1 new video a month. 
  6. Latest and Greatest.  Continue to educate yourself on the platforms you use the most.  Keep up with the latest happenings.  Subscribe to blogs and forums.  Visit other business pages to see what they are talking about.  Get in on the Twitter craze and follow those in the know.

Remember a tweet lasts for a second, a Facebook post lasts for a day and a blog lasts forever.  It’s out there for you to grasp and learn.  The platforms are always changing.  You have to keep up. 

Keeping up with social media requires a lot of time.  If you feel overwhelmed by the time it takes to keep up, hire a virtual assistant to handle this task for you.  It’s cost-efficient to hire a VA when you consider the amount of time you could be spending on generating revenue for your company. 

If hiring a virtual assistant sounds like a good idea to you, please contact us to schedule a free 20-minute consultation to discuss how we can help you. 



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