How this Virtual Assistant Used Twitter for Good, Not Evil

Early one morning a couple weeks ago, I was checking my Twitter account and read a tweet from Austin Andrews, former contestant on NBC’s hit TV show Biggest Loser ( Couples Season 11.  Austin tweeted that he was on his way to Dallas.  I replied to his tweet warning Austin how hot it was in Dallas.  That Twitter exchange resulted in a request from Austin for the names of healthy restaurants in Dallas.  I did some research and replied with the names of a few healthy restaurants I found.

The next day Austin tweeted that he would be the guest speaker at a local church on Sunday.  Since I live very close to the church, I asked Austin for directions so I could attend the services to hear him speak and to meet him.

Austin is the nicest young man you will ever meet.  He is also a fabulous speaker.  Austin speaks of being a young 10 year old, and “checking out” of life because he began to gain more and more weight.  Before appearing on The Biggest Loser, Austin was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic and he had high blood pressure and sleep apnea.  After having the great fortune of being a contestant on The Biggest Loser, Austin lost 174 pounds and no longer suffers from his previous illnesses.  Austin says he has now “checked into life” and is paying it forward.

Today, Austin’s main focus is on reducing childhood obesity and teaching healthy alternatives to children.  Austin is working with communities and schools addressing childhood obesity.  At this time, Austin is cruising around the Eastern United States in the GuacMobile (Wholly Guacamole @eatwholly) for the Check Your Choice Tour speaking at elementary schools encouraging kids to make healthier choices.

If you would like to read more about Austin’s journey, his website is  You can visit his Facebook page at!/BrownteamAustin?sk=info.or. Check it out and be inspired to make changes in your own life.

If you are still unsure about Twitter, below are a few of the ways this virtual assistant used Twitter for good and not evil:

  • Researching and responding to Austin’s request for names of healthy restaurants in Dallas. I even received a Twitter follow from one of the restaurants I recommended;
  • Responding to Austin’s tweet about his appearance on a local television station, I received a Twitter mention from the television station @NBCDFW; and
  • Meeting Austin – That’s the best thing that happened to me. I feel very fortunate to have met Austin Andrews and to have made a new friend.

If you’re too busy to use Twitter for good and not evil, please contact me to schedule your free 20 minute consultation and we will discuss how we can get Twitter to work for you.

Austin Andrews

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